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May 17, 2012
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milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
So I had to recently take a trip to NC last week the 16th-21st, my father passed away. I had left my buns care up to one of my friends who usually cares for them when I have to leave. I came back yesterday said my hellos to the 3 and after a 16 hour non stop drive I was exhausted. So this morning I went in to see my buns and the two dwarfs seemed not to care I was home ( not unusual) they aren't the cuddly lovey type. My lop though is my cuddle bug. He didn't seem excited to see me. Usually he comes up and kisses and grunts. I got nothing! I handed him a treat he took it but ran away with it, not what he usually does. Tonight I went in to get my nightly kisses and he snubbed me! Went to the corner of the xpen and sat there. I tried to give him a treat but he wouldn't take it. So I sat in the middle of the pen and he ran away and sat in the hutch. Is he mad at me for being gone a week? I also did change the buns food to a different kind. An all Timothy pellet, as I found the fortified ones I was using had alfalfa meal in it. I also cut back food for all 3 due to my dwarf being over weight. 1/4 cup once a day with lots and lots of hay. I'm really hoping he's a bit upset with me and not Ill. Also could it possibly be I have new smells on my sweatshirt from my moms dogs? I've never seen him act like this. He doesn't even want to hump his ball. Gah! Any ideas?

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Jul 14, 2012
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Melbourne, , Australia
I was gone for 11 hours and my bun is doing the same thing! Expect peeling on everything even though she's litter trained!

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