RHDV2 and produce from infected areas.

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Lionel and Murphy
Dec 24, 2018
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Saratoga , NY
I searched the posts, but did not see anything addressing this, so feel free to just direct me rather than answering if you know theres something that will answer my questions. I know the areas that we are to avoid greens & hay etc from....but those areas are the ONLY places I can find produce from? I am located in upstate NY - not sure if that makes a big difference. I have one store that gets some lettuce from Mass. , super small boxes of lettuce , expensive & not always available. Is there a certain type of green that is typically NOT from one of these areas. It seems lettuce, cilantro, parlsey, kale etc etc is all from infected areas. I am assuming "organic" doesn't make any diff whether it could be infected or not. I know I can grow my own, but my pots of parsley & cat grass just don't produce THAT much!!