(RESOLVED!!) Lucky rabbit was rescued from under a car - but now needs a place to go

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A very good man :)

And I happen to know bunnies love hay bombs!!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU JIM!!!
I emailed the owner a couple of hours ago. No response yet.

I'll follow up tomorrow if I don't hear from them.

In the meantime, I've got some paperwork to wordsmith :caffeine....

....and a whole lotta cleanin' to do. :construction:sweep:vacuum:
I talked to Houdini's owner a couple of hours ago.

She sounds like a very nice lady.

I think she would love to keep Houdini, but the timing just not the best.
Her and her husband rent an apartment and have a 10 month old baby, as well as two cats.
It's gotta be cramped.

They're busy on Sunday so she can't bring him over as I had originally hoped.
I told her I could possibly take him this evening or tomorrow......as long asshe could excuse how messy my place is, andall the "in-process-of" stuff.

She's going to talk it over with her husband and then call me this evening.
She's thinking of postponing until next weekend.....in the hopes that her husband will warm up to Houdini and let him stay.

I told her that she was NOT to take him to the shelter (Houdini.... not her husband) before contacting me.
I vote she take her husband to the shelter! hehe.

Good for you to offer your home to this bun :) I hope everything works out and that he'll have a nice place to stay for the next year or so.
Well....Houdini's going to come visit me with his family tomorrow.

Errmm....I mean later on today.
GOOD GRIEF!!! I didn't realize it was almost 3am. :shock:

They'll be getting here around 2pm.
If they're okay with everything, they'll be leaving Houdini with me.

I cleaned up my workshop, cleaned and put down a floor mat, scrubbed NIC grids and connectors, and I got all of the forms done.

I just have to get a cage out of the garage.(Even if I make like Indiana Jones it'll still take me an hour to pry the cage out of the garage)

Then I'll tackle the bunnies room...clean cages and litter pans, vac and dust, launder blankies.

Maybe I should just put up a pot of coffee and start now.:caffeine
Although, I don't think the buns would be too happy with me vacuuming their cages at 3am.

Oh for crying out loud....with all of your experience, etc - they need to check you out????

They need to be grateful that such an awesome "bun-father" is willing to watch the bunny.

And yes Jim - I dub you (and I'm sure Tiny would approve) an honorary "Bun-Father" because you care for rabbits in a way Tiny would approve of....
LOL AWESOME!!!! And Tinysmom while we all KNOW he's awesome they don't and just want what's best for their bun :) It just shows that when they are able they will probably be very responsible bunparents :)

What a sweet little bun!

I think "he's" a "she" though. Makes no difference to me either way.

The owners were very nice. I've got a good feeling that they'll be taking Houdini back when they can.
They were so grateful that they were able to find someplace for Houdini to go.

They kept thanking me and asking if I was sure I didn't need any money for fostering. I told them if they take care of the vet stuff, then I'll take care of everything else.

I gave him/her a good looking over.

I think the owners were impressed with the way I examined her and narrated everything to them.

As I mentioned, I think she's a she...we'll see. I've been wrong plenty of times.

She looks really good except for her nails. Several of her nails are freshly broken of...like maybe a week ago. And the ones that are left are quite long.
Makes me think that this bun had only been out a day or two before being found.

Her feet are really clean and her fur is nice. I think she may behaving a light molt.
Nice bright shiny eyes, clean ears and nosey. Teeth look good. Good weight and muscle tone.

She let me pick her up and examine her without giving me so much as a blink.
She's very friendly and affectionate. Loves lovin'!
She's eating, drinking, and peeing. Haven't seen any poops....but with the amount she's been eating, it shouldn't be long.
I don't think she understands what a litter pan is for, though. :sigh:.

Houdini is settling in and I think I'm going to go take a nap.

I'll check on her every hour or so.
Updates andMAYBE some pics to follow.
Stay tuned folks!

As very, very wise gentleman once told me; "ya never can tell where the day's gonna go!"
Hooray, I'm glad Houdini has a great foster home :D Thanks so much for taking her in, Jim! It's kinda funny, when I saw the pictures I assumed the bunny was a girl even though my Dutch was a boy and I tend to default bunnies to being boys in my mind if I don't know their sex.

Also I can't blame the couple for wanting to check Jim's place out. They didn't know him and want what's best for the bunny. We went to an animal rescue nearby to look at their cockatiels and high tailed it out of there when we saw that it appears to be a hoarding situation rather than a rescue (talked to a couple people afterwards and they agreed). I'm not at ALL accusing Jim of hoarding and the thought didn't even cross my mind, just saying that it pays to check things out first when animals are involved :)

Jim, you should post more pictures of the lovely Houdini!
I'm on my phone on the road right now...but oh I can't describe how relieved and grateful I am. Jim, you're an angel. Just an absolute angel! I am sure Houdini's rescue parents were impressed with your rabbit experience. I already told them that the bun wouldn't get a better home than yours, but C probably had to see for herself to rest her worrying. She (or he!) is a very lucky rabbit. :) :) :)
kirbyultra wrote:
LOL!!:p She'll get there... one day ;)

how soon is "one day"? :confused2:

GOOOOD MORNINING from Lake Houdini !!!

I've been playing litter pan tag.
The rules say ya hafta sing the song.

Ya'll sing with me now....:singing:

"Pick a corner and put the pan down.
Doody-dah... doody-dah.
Pick another corner so you move the pan.
All the DOODY DAH day!!"

I'm losing the game.
I think I need more playing pieces........I'm bringing a back-up pan into play.

I've just read all this with a HUGE smile on my face. As soon as I saw Houdini was in New Jersey, I thought "Hmm, Jim would be ideal to look after him":biggrin:

Jim, you're awesome, and your little ditty about litter pans is hilarious. Good luck with that!

I think some certain Bridge Bunnies and a certain Buck Jones had a helping hand/paw in this :)

TinysMom wrote:
Oh for crying out loud....with all of your experience, etc - they need to check you out????

They need to be grateful that such an awesome "bun-father" is willing to watch the bunny.

And yes Jim - I dub you (and I'm sure Tiny would approve) an honorary "Bun-Father" because you care for rabbits in a way Tiny would approve of....

I was happy to have them check me out.
It showed me that they were actually concerned with the bunny's welfare.

And thank you for the dubbing.
It's a tough act to follow, but I'll do my best.
I'll make Tiny proud of me!


Can I be called "Sir Kool Beanz"?

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