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Nov 27, 2011
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Northern California, California, USA
My job is going to in office more days a week and I felt bad having him left without any middle of the day treats. I know they make dispensers for cat and dog treats but I couldn't tell if any of them would work with rabbit treats and some of them are expensive. Then I saw the Wyze Pan Cam for around $30 and thought, what if I stick a little paper tray to the top of it. Now I just put some treats in it when I leave and I use the app to tell the camera to pan downward and it dumps the treats.
His eyesight is very poor but his sense of smell is very good. I just have to make sure it isn't treats he can smell from below or he'll go nuts looking for them. And too small of t If the camera pointed out into the room at all I'd probably cover the lens (I already have another bunnycam for checking on him.)
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