Re-potty training after neutering?

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Nov 17, 2017
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I have a male lop I plan to have neutered in the next month or 2. He was VERY well potty trained before he hit adulthood (0-2 poops outside of the litter box per day and never peed outside of his litter box). As he matured he does territory marking and territory pooping some but not a lot. Even as an un-neutered adult, he still doesn't have any pee puddle places in his cage where like he had an accident or anything.

Does the territory marking and pooping typically go away as soon as he is neutered or will I need to probably allow like a month or so to re-potty train him completely? Do you think the territory instincts mess up his litterbox training?

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
His hormones can be in flux for up to 8 weeks after neuter. During that time, his behavior (including potty habits) can be unpredictable.

Once his hormones have dissipated, he will most likely potty train himself. Adult or fixed rabbits really only need to have a proper litter box set up. The rest they do on their own. There shouldn't be a need to "train" him. They naturally choose one spot in which to potty.

As long as he has a litter box, he'll figure it out. If he does all of his urinating in the box, he's considered trained. Most rabbits will leave the occasional poos around while out exercising. It is only the rarest of rabbits that are 100% for poos.
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