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Dec 17, 2022
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Hi everyone,
My rabbit, Lottie, recently gave birth to 3 kits, they are all feeding well and are healthy but one is smaller than the others by quite a bit so I think it is the runt of the litter. He was a bit skinny so I started getting Lottie to feed him an extra two times a day. He was doing well with this however when I tried to get Lottie to feed him this morning and this evening, Lottie was starting to become aggressive and was lunging and trying to bite me. She was even showing behaviors like this towards the kit. She has never shown these aggressive behaviors before.
What can I do to stop her aggressive behaviors and is there another way to help the runt get fed more?
Boy, I would expect my does to rip me apart if I were messing with their nursing schedule.

What can be done is taking the fattest 1/3rd of a litter out, for every third feeding and alternating the fat kits, and let the doe do her thing without intervention. Don't upset them, don't make them weary.
But with just 3 kits a lack of milk, or too much competition at the teats is unlikely, if it were more than 12 that could be an issue, but with 3, no, not likely.

There's always the possibility that there is something wrong with the kit. That happens. Runts often almost catch up once they are on solid food, but sometimes there is just something wrong. Rabbits got successful through numbers, not precision.

How old are they? They aren't dwarfs, judging by your profile pic, right?
They are 9 days old.
I'm not sure what breed Lottie is but she is quite small so maybe has dwarf in her breeding the buck is mini rex though.
Here's a pic of Lottie


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