Rabbit bites other rabbit when he gets too close

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Dec 11, 2018
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Snohomish, WA
I've also put them on the dryer instead of a car ride and that works too. It is much easier to watch them than when you are driving. You can also have someone else drive and sit beside them in the car (if you have someone to drive you that is).

I think the bonding process is harder on us humans than it is on the buns. What they are doing is normal bonding behavior and establishing dominance. What we think is stressful is perfectly natural for them. In my experience it has always been harder on me than the rabbits. I admit to shedding a few tears during the bonding process.
Just hang in there. Once dominance is established the nipping and biting gets less and less. However, they also show love for one another by nipping at the other. As long as they are not fighting an occasional nip is perfectly normal. Just watch their body language.