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Jul 16, 2020
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new hampshire
Back in April we bought 2 lop bunnies. One holland and one mini so I'm told. I've always had pet bunnies but never 2 so I made sure they were both males.
Due to covid I paid over the phone and my husband picked them up. Turns out they are male and female so I've kept them separated. Well I changed their cages and thought their pens were escape proof, they were not and they had all night to roam and hanky panky. Ugggg
I know my holland is pregnant, nest made, babies kicking and super cranky. Based on their escape date she's on day 27 or 28.
Now my holland also has malocclusion. (Her teeth are misaligned and so i have to clip her teeth every so often). It makes me love her more! But I had never wanted to breed her because its genetic, however due to covid i was unable to get her spayed. Go figure the spay clinic i had available is on her assumed due date lmao
Will her malocclusion cause an issue in caring for her kits? I've been researching but there's very little info on malocclusion in general.
She's been grooming all day, I'm assuming shes trying to pull fur but can't cuz she never grooms this much.
Has anyone had experience on pregnancy/kindling with malocclusion?

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