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  1. Donna Pryor

    Chance of unplanned pregnancy is there anything I should do

    885D8C8F-EF64-471C-9987-FF1415A30AB1 by Donna Pryor posted Oct 11, 2019 at 9:49 PM1EF961B3-7951-4F5C-B260-DAF522ECB878 by Donna Pryor posted Oct 11, 2019 at 9:49 PMF6B49926-DACA-49F0-8B36-C586F70BA5BB by Donna Pryor posted Oct 11, 2019 at 9i have a Netherland dwarf called Rabbit born 31/05/19...
  2. Savannah Gerdes

    Can my rabbit have a miscarriage?

    About a week ago my male rabbit broke out of his cage while my female rabbit was out. They're not hostile to each other and are quite friendly so I can only assume they mated. Last night he broke out once again and most likely mated again. Is it likely my female wont have babies? I thought that...
  3. S

    Signs of a Pregnant Doe

    I have just gotten into breeding rabbits. Was wondering if there are any tell-tell signs of pregnancy, besides palpation? My doe would currently be 29 days pregnant (lifted for my buck several times on July 1st) , however has yet to show any signs. Her stomach can be firm to the touch...
  4. bellathebouncingbun

    False pregnancy advice needed !

    My beautiful baby Bella is now fully matured and she’s had her first (what I think is) false-pregnancy. Was cleaning out the hutch today and noticed a huge wad of her fur in the corner of the ‘hidden room’ in the hutch. It’s the darkest area in the hutch and is sheltered from light and very...
  5. V

    I found a dead newborn??help?

    I discovered a dead newborn outside of my flemish giant's nesting house, there are no more babies in her nest. It was newly deseased, can she still have more? She isnt any smaller. Could it be the only one? I'm puzzled.
  6. Laur

    Trying breeding again.

    I told you about my Holland Lop Reva last month. She had a stuck baby for several hours, which was born dead. No other kits were born We bred her again a few days ago. Our Buck, Bambi, is now 6 months and quite the...
  7. xindiaaaa

    How can I know if my rabbit is pregnant?

    yesterday my buck and doe were together for a few hours and we’re doing their business for a long time. He obviously finished several times, so I separated them for the night. Today I placed them back together and she turned and started humping him and bit him so I immediately separated them...
  8. BunBunLover06

    HELP!! Bunny pregnant

    I have a doe mini lop that I have rescued from a neglect home. She is pregnant and starting to nest and pull fur. Is there anyway to tell when she is about to give birth? Thanks
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