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This is my LittleMiss MooMoo, she's my flopper.
Comes crashing right into her husbun and nearly flops right on him.
He rarely does it, but he does every now and again.
SmurphyMurphy CooperTrooper Pooper is more a lounger (lays with feet out to the side and his head on the ground)


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Robbie has been doing a few good ones lately


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This here is my sweet Black beauty, I had named Pepsi Pepper Pooper, the tiny kit I got on a snowy Christmas Eve back in 2013, to help my heart with the 1yr marker of my then missing 2 1/2 yr old feline.
I learned sooooo much from this magnificent luvbun in the 5 years I had her before she left me for the other side 💔 including a bunny flop isn't them Keeling over and dying on the spot 😆🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ (that story is somewhere on this forum in a comment somewhere I believe)
I did end up getting my feline back believe it or not, 4 LONG YEARS 😳 after he was missing and I had had Peps for 2 years by then. That was an interesting introduction.... But that story some other time 😉
I think this is THE BEST FLOP EVER!
she was cuddling with my then partner and she flipped over and stayed like this for quite some time that a short nap was had 🤗🥰


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