Possible ring worm ? Staff infection? Please help ! My bunny seems to be very uncomfortable:((

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Mar 11, 2020
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My bunny has been scratching at her ears mercilessly for months, I’ve brought her to the vet whom diagnosed her with an ear infection; since then I’ve been giving her the ear drops prescribed, now I’ve noticed this crusty patch near her ear, the vet was able to take off the crusty stuff. Trying to figure out what could be going on with her. Her ears are red and irritated the redness has lessened somewhat since ear drops but still persist. Here are the photos of the stuff that was removed from her ear and what it looks like underneath.

Any thoughts to help her ? Please and thanks 🙏🏼


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Did the vet do a skin scrape to check for mites, check the ear canal for ear mites, or did they check for fungal dermatitis? Did the vet check the ear to make sure the ear infection had cleared up? Were xrays done to check it hadn't spread to the inner ear? If she still seems bothered by her ears, ear mites with a possible secondary ear infection could be what's going on. Antibiotic ear drops alone, are rarely enough to clear up an ear infection in rabbits. Usually systemic oral or injected antibiotics are necessary, and even then it can still be difficult to clear up an ear infection, particularly if it's affecting the middle/inner ear.

Medirabbit: fungal dermatitis

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These are all possible medical issues that can be affecting a rabbit around their ears and be a cause for irritation and a rabbit scratching around the ears and shaking the head excessively, so would be the normal things a knowledgeable rabbit vet should be looking into. If your vet isn't a knowledgeable rabbit vet, I'd suggest finding one and taking your bun there, if at all possible.


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