Peeing outside of the litter box

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Haru the Lionhead

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Sep 9, 2020
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Hello guys, i got haru out of the cage two days ago, before the surgery she was litter trained, she pees outside of the litter box only if she needed to pee while i was cleaning the box, other than that there were a few accidents with two/three weeks in between. Even if she was eating on the floor and the litter box was empty, she would go pee there then go back to her food, the litter box is not in a specific spot, she would pee in it, if she’s in my room I would bring the box in my room, if she’s in the kitchen it would be in the kitchen.. so she would find it as soon as she needs it, and she’s been okay with it moving.
Before the surgery I changed her litter box alot, to see what would be easier for her to use after the surgery and I also wanted her to get used to it too, whenever I change the box or it’s place, she would know that this is where she’s supposed to pee even if there’s no hay there, I don’t know how, but she does.
After the surgery.. if you didn’t see my surgery threads, the doctor didn’t find a uterus, and she’s 100% female, either she was spayed before i got her, or she was born this way, if she doesn’t have a uterus, I don’t think that there will be any hormonal behaviors right?
When we got home after the surgery, I didn’t put a litter box, i put a pee pad only in one side of the cage, and even when she couldn’t walk because of the anesthesia, she literally crawled to the pee pad to pee there, I saw it happen a few times, after that I put a litter box and even when she was sick she only peed there.
Now she’s better and I put her old litter box and she’s using it just fine, the day before yesterday i was taking her to the vet for a check up, when we got into the car, i let her out of the carrier, she was scared and refused to go into the carrier again, there was a pee pad inside the carrier but instead she peed all over me, I thought maybe it’s because she thinks that if she goes in the carrier I’m going to take her to the vet, so she peed outside instead.
But today.. she was playing in the hallway, it’s not a small space but it’s not that big either, and her litter box was there, but she peed on the floor, then she peed again, so now it’s three times since I got her out, what could this behavior mean? when she’s in the cage she only pees in the litter box.. could she be mad because of the surgery?