OT: But I am sooooo bored

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Sep 13, 2004
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Camelot, Connecticut, USA
Lalalalala, I got the easiest job at work tnight, reception!

It means I get to answer the phones (they dont ring much this time ofnight) play on the computer and I dont have to interact in the housetnight!

Only problem is, my tummy is upset from the slop they feedus. So I get to play online... ironically I am job searching::snickers:: and printing out applications and stuph. Andtomorrow I have the day off without pay to play D&D =D

Sure my paycheck will be a little lacking next month, but after workingevery weekend I need a break once a month for some play time =)

And some weekend in the near future (Or Friday night to Sat morn ;) ) Imay be taking a visit to Tucker Town... Carolyn better be careful thatI dont pull a bunny swap with the Gir =D


Okay... I am quite bored and my tumtum hurts! I am never eating MSJ american chop suey again!