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May 16, 2007
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West Coast, , USA
Hey guys! I joined eons ago and have lurked off and on for years. With the recent loss of one of my babies, I wanted to come back to the forum to help others avoid losing theirs, if I can. I've had rabbits for 19 years and have a serious soft spot for long-eared, floofy-tailed, fuzzies. ^^

My current herd of house bunnies consists of:

Veege, silver marten rex doe, alpha bunny. She's always been convinced that she's the head bunny, but has been dabbling in snuggles as she gets older.

Sweetie Boo, REW rex doe, professional headpet seeker. She's got a one-track mind, but she's needy love on four fuzzy feet and proof that white rabbits can be the best.

Tubbers, opal rex buck, Mr. Sexy / Cuddleboy. He's recently retired as a breeding buck and will be spending the rest of his years being a pampered pet bunny. I've loved him since I met him as a baby.

RIP Phoebe, lilac tort rex doe, softest, sweetest, kindest, most polite rabbit that I've ever met. Forever my Pheebee beebee. 💔

I look forward to supporting the community of like-minded, bun lovers. :)


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Thanks guys! 🤗 And yes, they are very sowft. That last photo is one of my faves too; Pheebs was certainly a lady of luxury and loved finding comfy spots to look amazing. lol