Not as active during play time and has had recent history of being sick- PLEASE HELP!

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Nov 10, 2017
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I have a question reguarding my rabbit I was wondering if you incredible people could please help me with! I have a 3 and a half year old, unneutered, satin male. Up until recently he has had no medical problems arise. This past November, however, he began to sneeze and so I took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with "alergies" although nothing had really changed at home and I wasn't using any new. Even so, I got an air purifyer to help with this. The air purifyer did not help and so a few weeks later he still continued to sneeze (with no visible dicharge) and then began to have blood in his urine. I immediately rushed him to a nearby animal hospital with an exotics vet. He was examined, had x-rays taken (to rule out a stone that would require surgery), and was diagnosed with a urinary and respiratory infection and was prescribed 0.6 mL of Orbax for 2 weeks. This seemed to clear up the problem for a few weeks and his sneezing stopped quite rabidly. Two weeks after this treatment had ended, however, he began sneezing again but with no identifiable urinary problems. I called the same vet and he okayed another round of Orbax again for 2 weeks. We are currently two days away from completing this second round and his sneazing has stopped. He seems to be eating, drinking, and peeing like normal and there was never a concern within this time of not eating or drinking. Yesterday during his playtime he acted mostly like normal (digging, binking, hopping around, etc.) but he also chose to sit on my lap for awhile and be petted. While I know he occassionally likes to be petted, in the 3 years I have had him he has not been one to really sit down with me and just be groomed. I am wondering if this merrits another vet visit or if this is alright? After he sat with me he went back to playing and I cleared out his litter box so that this morning I could check and make sure that he was still peeing and pooping normally and that nothing was out of the orinary- pee and poop normal with not odd shapes, sizes, or discolorations. I have also observed him eating and drinking this morning. He seems like his regular self and as if he is quite happy but I am little questioning that he wanted to rest yesterday during playtime and be cuddled in addition to his regular activities. I don't know if my vet would think much of him wanting to sit in my lap for a little bit between his regular out activies and maybe I am thinking too much into it I am just trying to make sure that he is alright and get a second opinion on the matter especially since he has been on medication recently. I felt his stomach yesterday and, while he does not like it and tryies to get away, he didn't seem to act any differently from any other time I have done it and I did not notice him acting as if he were in any pain. Any assurance, direction, recommention, or isnight you could give me on the matter would be greatly appreciated! I am sure it sounds silly to ask if I should be concerned because he chose to sit with me and be cuddled and groomed in addition to his regular activies, I just am not used to him seeking this out. I love him dearly and do everything I can to take care of him and make sure that he is alright and that may manifest into overthinking and being overprotective which is why I am seeking out councel from you all. I am sorry that I have written so much; it means a lot to me that you taking the time to read this and get back to me. If you have any further questions about my cituation I will gladly answer anything you may have. Thank you so much!

Blue eyes

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Mar 19, 2012
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I wouldn't read too much into the fact that he uncharacteristically sat with you for awhile the other day. He's had a lot going on and that could make him behave out of character. Because he is otherwise behaving and eating normally, I wouldn't worry. Just keep an eye on him and kudos to you for being observant.


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Sep 10, 2012
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Agree with Blue eyes. He may just be feeling more comfortable with you because of the extra attention he's been having. If his eating or other behavior changes, then that could be a cause for concern.

Only thing I would suggest is asking your vet to extend the antibiotic another two weeks. Respiratory infections are difficult to completely clear up, and as long as the antibiotic isn't causing digestive problems, I believe it's better to give a little bit longer than stop too early and have the symptoms return. Usually a minimum of 4-6 weeks on antibiotics is what is recommended for a respiratory infection.