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Jul 1, 2007
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Never posted before as I was totally devastated. Had to have Nik Nik PTS 4 years ago today. She was the sweetest little white Mini bunny there ever was. Rescued her from the pound in Tracy and they said she was about 4 months old. Of course they said "he" was 4 months old. She was a little lap bunny that loved to be carried around or would set on your lap or shoulder for hours. Rest in peace my little mountain goat and binky free--I still miss you and get tears whne I look at your pictures.
I am so sorry to hear about Nik Nik's passing. Sometimes it's too difficult to talk about a special one's passing at that moment, and even as time goes by, time doesn't lessen the loss. Those are the ones that hurt the most.

Hope you are able to heal remembering all of your good times with Nik Nik.



As sad as they are, it's the memories that keep them with us.

When we forget them, that's when they're truly gone.

Binky free Nik Nik!

Thanks everyone. As we all no too well, everyone post here at the "bridge" comes with a level of sadness and tears. We have pictures of all our "bridge bunnies" and look at them every day so that they are still with us, even if only in memory of happier times. Nik-Nik was such a sweet little bunny and a jumper with no match till we got Bambi. I still marvel at some of the places she would get up on, yet, she never did any damage to any thing in the house. One of the reasons I rescued Nikki (our Avatar) is that she looked and acted so much like Nik-Nik, our first Bunnicula.
Six years. till miss you and think about you every day my little trouble maker. Still remember what a fit Bun had when you got up on the table and was sitting in front of her hutch--surprised she didn't have a stroke. Rest in peace my little girl. Dad.:sad:
You are missed little bunny rabbit :(

I had a rabbit die that I had a lot of trouble talking about, too. I had another pass that I dealt with a lot better. I don't know if it's the circumstances or their ages or what. I felt equally close to both of them.

Sometimes it's just really hard, but a lot of us know exactly how you feel. Rest easy Nik nik
Hi my little one.
I had a bunny from april-may of this year she was my first bun i loved her so much and she mysteriously passed may 5th just after she turned 5 months ;-; she could lay on her back and just be the happiest thing ever she loved oranges and her friend Comet

R.I.P sweet little Luna <3

i still miss her and cry at photos

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