Never has my *bunny* ever

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Never. Storm has thumped at and scared our aunt's cat, and thumped at another aunt's dogs when they came sniffing and padding around his house border. Nobody was hurt and we got some laughs out of it later; a full-grown cat being scared of a rabbit (though Storm was, even then, bigger than the cat)

Never has my bunny ever pulled something out of my hands?
Our grumpy sir is a root of raw power, he latched onto a laptop half his weight and just yeeted it off my lap because he wanted to be pet for once.
14 years ago we moved 600 miles with 17 bunnies--I rented a van with a huge gas tank so it was one long drive with no stops. The last of them passed 3 years ago. Never has my bunny ever destroyed my phone cord!
Nope, phones with cords being used is something i last saw when i was 8, at my great-grandma's.

I'll be asking again,
Never has my bunny ever pulled something out of my hands?
my rabbit lives like a king outside. he has escaped into the yard before.

Never has my bunny ever stayed up for 12 hours
I don't think any rabbit has. I've never seen my rabbits not sleep at least every two hours.

Never has my bunny ever bonked me just because?
My bunnies drink out of bowls with the exception of Flopsy, I have tried everything to get her to drink from a bowl but she just wonโ€™t do it. So yes!

never has my bunny ever gone on an airplane
I don't think so, (he has not gone to the vet for that)

Never has my bunny ever flopped while you where on
Quite the specific statement but yes they have.

Never has my bunnies' binkies been the first thing i saw after waking up?
Just today Iris went nut crazy with her athletics.
Not eaten per se. They have bitten my books and damaged a big batch of traditional drawings though.

NHMBE kept me up through the night?
When I used to have my rabbits in my room and one of my rabbit had a ball with a bell on in it. She would throw it around every morning around 4 AM

NHMBE left your rabbits home alone for more than two weeks
They have by my younger sister while I was gone away over the summer. They are part her bunnies but mostly mine!
NHMBE torn a shirt to shreads
Not to shreds but Fern ripped a hole in one of my shirts and I think Primrose might have ripped one of my shirts. I do know for a fact that they have destroyed several rags though.

NHMBE eaten a whole (not baby) carrot.