Never has my *bunny* ever

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Jan 3, 2022
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East Coast America
I just came up with a new game!
Never Has My Bunny Ever
Heres the Rules/How you play!
So first you answer the thread above you by saying they have or They have not
Then you come up with a scenario that your rabbit does not do

The goal is to make the person below you say They have!
Ill Go First!

Never has my bunny flopped on my lap
They have!
Never had my rabbits been walked on a leash
Never. Iris has once explored the outdoors with her spay vest on and a stretch cord attached to it, for like 5 minutes before she ran back indoors. Never directly on a leash though. So i don't think that counts.

Never has my bunny ever given me half a heartattack at night?
Never! Only bascially jump on my face sometimes when I put their castle to close to the edge of their pen, so they jump onto my bed.
Never has my bunny seen a dog
They all have. They don’t care if a dog is nearby or barking. They just ignore them and live their life. My bunnies are chill.

Never has my bunny eaten ice cream

Has two rabbits
They have! Well i have, Their names are peanut and honey
Never has my bunny ate cilantro
Never! but I considered it for My dwarf hotot bunny as she has very good eye rings.

never has my bunny ruined a furniture piece (aka chewed it)
My rabbits is a outdoor bunny in his own house. Pretty big

Never has my bunny ate cardboard
am i replying to much 🀣
they have!! my bunnies eat cardboard all
the time!!
Never has my bunny chewed baseboards
They haveπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. Dad put a kind that sticks REALLY close to the wall in the bunny areas, but Opal managed to chew it anyway.

Never has my bunny ever needed its teeth trimmed
They have not

Never has my bunny bitten anyone
I don’t know how to answer this one! My bunnies have never clamped down on me, but they have nibbled on me when i feed them, or gave me a warning pinch when I clip their nails.
Never has my bunny been outside
never, once I offered him a piece of ham one time to see what he would do and he just sniffed it and hopped away. πŸ˜‚

Never has my bunny let you clip their nails
They let me clip their nails, I teach them to be handled. So it’s easy as long I have another person who helps me with one of them.

Never have I gotten food stolen by my bunny
never! that would be a funny clip though
never has my bunny used a water bottle