Neglected Rabbit's in Need of Rescue

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Aug 10, 2020
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To shorten this best I can, we went to a place that people take RVs and four wheelers for new years (2019-2020). Its like a campground, but most people take RVs. Anyways, they have a petting zoo sort of thing, with (if I can remember correctly) a donkey, tortoise, and maybe a goat. In a separate area, actually quite far from the other animals, theres a large wires cage like area with a roof. It's about 15x11 feet (this is just by memory).
It has sand with some drift wood like things in the middle for roosts for the chickens.
There was a dirty water bowl and a water bottle.
No toys or hay.
And worst of all, their nails. So long. They're curling.

Some of y'all may have seen my post about the other place. I thought about doing something similar there, but it's very expensive and this place doesn't have many animals. It inst even an animal place.

It's about two hours away from here. We just got fourwhellers and I got a side by side, so we'll be going to lots of places like this. When we do go back down there, I want to ask if I can take them.
I have everything except for hay. I'll pick up a big bag on the way there.
Once I bring them home I'll let them settle in a bit. But after I'll try to clip their nails and groom them.
If I'm successful with bringing them home, I'll contact the local rabbit rescue. I'll see if they'll take them. That way we won't have to go through the process of getting them adopted.
The rescue doesn't have a facility, they're just all in fosters.
So, I'll then foster them until they find a home (unless we decide to keep them).
That way people can find them from the Rabbit House Society, and they'll go through their adoption process to he site they go to a good home. And they can provide us with all the supplies.

Here are some pics
The grey Neatherland Dwarf was very friendly. Came right up to me to be pet and fed the bits of grass.
The black Sikver Fox was quite shy though. Which is normal for a rabbit.
That's why i was so surprised that the grey one came up to me.

Am I crazy? Do y'all have any advice? Do you think it would even work?

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