Need votes for a facebook contest!

Discussion in 'Let Your Hare Down' started by Watermelons, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Hey all,
    Happy Halloween.
    The Birds and I entered a costume contest last night at the local pet store.
    Anyone with facebook we could use your support to ear some votes. All you have to do is like their photos. Just the 2 seperate cockatoo photos we have to stay ahead of all the dogs.
    If you click through the photos on that link, the Pumpkin bird and Witch bird.
    You dont need to like or follow the page, just those 2 photos and we will be forever grateful this halloween! 20191030_171457.jpeg 20191030_171317.jpeg
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    Bump help us beat the dogs so we can win goodies for our own dogs!
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    Alyssa and Bugs♡

    Alyssa and Bugs♡

    Alyssa and Bugs♡

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    Good luck! Very beautiful birds!
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