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Oct 22, 2020
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Orange County, CA
Recently I took in 10 rabbits from a local church, horrible outdoor situation, and have been keeping them with me. I have been trying to find homes for these rabbits and have 2 interested families in adopting a female from me. They each have an unspayed female and are looking for a friend. I have several unspayed females and wanted to know how I could best go about this? I know spaying them would be the most ideal, however, I'm going off the notion both families would not be open to this idea.

Should I put all my rescued female buns in a pen (in a neutral area with veggies) and put in 1 family's bun in and see who they take to and then take the first bun out and put the other family's bun in? Or should I try doing a speed date style where I do a one-on-one session with each of my rescued buns? I want to minimize the amount of stress of all buns involved and increase the chances of both families adopting a bun.

I have 2 bonded, fixed buns of my own and have some rabbit bonding experience, but not with multiple rabbit pairings.

Any advice is much appreciated!! ❤

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Oh my! No, do not put several intact females together. Those who have intact females should not be getting another rabbit until their first is spayed. I realize they may not be willing to do this, but, unfortunately, it is rare for intact females to get along. They may initially and if in new territory, but it seldom lasts.

If one of the potential families was to bring their female to you, only introduce one at a time. There's a decent chance that they may seem ok while they are in neutral territory. But I really would not advise doing this because, as soon as they bring the newcomer back home, their established female will likely defend her territory. Are you willing to take the bun back if they don't get along?

Honestly, if I were in your shoes, I would consider reaching out to a local rabbit rescue and see if they can help you in your situation. They typically have the means to fix all of their rabbits before adopting them out. This would be ideal. But you'd have to explain the situation and how you rescued them so they don't think you were the culprit here.

It would be best if all rabbits were fixed before adopted out.

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