My bunny has a huge lump...

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Apr 22, 2006
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I have a bunny (Brent) , he is about 4 years old. About 1 month ago I noticed a large lump on the side of his lower jaw (I had just got back from camp and my mum hadn't noticed it whilstI was away). The lump was hard as a rock, was still covered in hair and Brent was completely normal otherwise.

We took him to the vet, who told us it was an abcess, which could have been caused by anything. She also said that an operation was unlikely to be successful in removing it as it is attached to his bone and even flushing it out would probably result in a wound that would never heal (not to mention costing more money than I have). She basically said we could do nothing but wait until the lump was affecting him (his eating) and then put him down.

It has been about a month since this vet visit, and the lump has only grown a little, has softened a tiny bit, although is still very hard. The hair is just beginning to fall out, some parts of the lump are pinky skin, and others have gone black and crusty. It looks awful, but i can't bring myself to get him put down as in every other aspect he is still completely healthy. He is eating normally (no whole carrots though, we have to cut into strips), drinking, pooping, running around, his eyes are bright and fur shiny, and he seems to feel nothing if I prod or squeeze the lump.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation, if any operations have been successful, if wounds have healed. Any advice at all would be most helpful.

Thank you



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Apr 14, 2005
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Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA
I would highly recommend finding a newvet! There are several different treatments for abscesses,which can be healed. It sounds like your vet is not veryfamiliar with rabbits, even though she may be great with dogs and cats.

Maybe we can help you find a vet? We have rabbit-savvy vet listings here:

Abcesses can be treated. There's lots of info in the Rabbit Health References here:

Print off some good articles, like the ones that get into details ontreatments such as bicillin, and take them to your next vet visit.

First, your vet should at the very least have given you an oral antibiotic.

There are several options in cases where the abscess can not besurgically removed. The abscess can be lanced, drained, andcleaned. This often leaves little bits of pus in the woundbecause abscesses form little fingers into surrounding flesh.But sometime's it's enough. Sometimes the vet repeatedflushes the cavity, or may teach the owner to do that also.Even better is to drain the abscess and put antibiotic beads into thecavity. The best treatment for an abscess that can't besurgically removed is relatively new. In this treatment, thevet injects bicillin (never give "cillin" drugs to a rabbit by themouth) directly into the abscess. This needs to be doneseveral times on a set schedule. So far, it seems to have avery good success rate and is sometimes used instead of surgery.

I also recommend that you pm Gabby, who is very experienced withthis. There are threads on her experiences with her bunDaphnee in the link above.

There are also many ways to be able to afford vet treatment, if youcan't. Some vets will work out a pay schedule with you, oryou can use Care Credit. It's a credit card for vet care thatdoes not charge any interest if you pay on they're schedule.There's more ideas here:



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Apr 30, 2005
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Hi Simone,

I agree completely with juicyjuicee andnaturestee, you need a new vet. I have never dealt with an abscessbefore, but I know that there must be something they can do about it.And you are absolutely doing the right thing by not putting him down,why put down a perfectly healthy bunny?

Hope all goes well,

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