My Baby has Matting to the Skin 😱

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Mar 28, 2021
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Hello all you bunny lovers out there.

I am new to the site so excited to have other bunny lovers to get some advice and convos with.
My Girlfriends call me the crazy bunny lady as I am obsessed with my bunnies. I have enclosed my back yard from top of neighbouring fence to roof gutter with bird netting to keep away any predators as we had an owl issue. My bunnies free roam in and outside through the doggy door, so well behaved and toilet trained with minimal issues the whole time I have had them they have been my life lines in some pretty tough times they really are the most wonderful pets.

My issue where I desperately need help starts here.
I had 2 gorgeous English angora bunnies one apricot/cream and one speckled brown with gorgeous coats that I trimed all year round however only sheered back in summer though was a religious brusher with their coat needing a lot of attention however I am a hairdresser so that's no biggy LOL
I had to go away due to attending a funeral and got stuck overseas during covid for 4 months. I was frantic and called my bunny sitter who to my relief was able to have them until I got back. I got back 3 days ago and cannot describe the devastation... my brown boy Patrick had passed away suddenly with no explanation and my cream boy Gary is matted to the skin from head to toe in one whole big boy matt. He is full of poo all stuck on his bum legs and belly and filthy dirty. She was not there when I went to pick them up he partner was and he was not giving me any explanation to my concerns or questions I have tried to contact her every dY to no answers. Obviously they were severely neglected and I am just gutted that I not only lost a baby which I'm heart broken but also my remaining baby is in a really bad state and is very depressed. My question do I attempt to cut it out myself or would you recommend taking him to a vet to cut it out?

If it's really bad, I would only suggest attempting it if you have the proper electric clippers and blade, and have enough experience that you feel confident doing it yourself.

If not, I would just take it to your experienced rabbit vet. It's not worth the risk of cutting into that fragile rabbit skin. Though do make sure the person doing it at the vet is experienced handling and clipping rabbits(if at all possible), as there was a member who just posted on here about taking their bun in for a shear and the tech cut too close and took off a layer of skin on the belly.
Can anyone recommend cordless clippers for delicate or urine-scalded skin?

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