Meet my Trio of Bonded Holland Lop Does

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Dec 10, 2022
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Indianapolis Indiana USA
We have Maple Coffee Belle the Tort Holland Lop her birthday will be on February 28 th she'll be a year old she the Twins Aunt , then we Have Crystal Diamond Snowflake and Her More shy Twin Winter Frosted Rose , Crystal Diamond Snowflake is a bit shorter and her fur is a bit messy compared to winter Frosted Rose she's also the most Fireless and smallest of the three she has the flatter face and she loves giving me kisses and greeting me and she always looks for me of I leave the room for a second she's the flop queen she has been doing the most flops since day one her sister has done the second most flops and Maple Coffee Belle has the most energy she can also be the most shy and she's definitely the dominant bun. She lives up to her Name I call her Coffee for short or the Queen of Caffeine lol since she has so much energy but she's can also be super chill Caffeine calms me but most people ot makes them Hyper an awake lol Coffee has both the calm affect of Caffeine and she's also got the hyper effect lol .Winter Frosted Rose is super sweet but she likes being pet on her terms and she is bit more shy then her sistsr but Coffee is the most the first picture Crystal Diamond Snowflake is the one facing towards me as I was taking the picture. And the picture where the White bun is stretched across the other buns that's Winter Frosted Rose also any pictures of a White Bun with her paws in the food dish is Winter Frosted Rose and any Single white bunny pictures is of Crystal Diamond Snowflake this is just there current setup while litter training they are doing so good.


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