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Mar 5, 2023
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Hi everyone, I’m so glad to join this bunny adoring forum.
I have recently become a bunny mum to a dwarf, lop-eared bunny, whom I named Bluebell.
She is quite simply one of the best things that has happened to me.
I had 2 rabbits as a child and haven’t been able to have privilege of having a bunny companion until now.
She has a gentle nature but is also fiercely independent-giving me her rear when she’s had enough of my presence!
She is toilet trained and has a spacious litter box-the base of an old animal transport crate, which she wizzes around like a mad thing at times.
Talk about laughing till you nearly pop!
She has dictated her territory, especially the underneath of a large day bed we have.
She free-roams on our Veranda, with a cage set up for protection if she desires it.
I feel very privileged to be her bunny mum and love her to bits…21005881-DB78-4ED2-A98F-2A6941BBD4D1.jpegMy lovely Bluebel🥰
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Howdy. I make cardboard castles for my buns. Just a set of boxes nested together inside one very large one with holes cut into the sides and one cut into the top/bottom of the next level--usually make 2 to 3 stories. Ours spend a lot of time inside both chewing and digging and just generally exploring and modifying. I'll put one entry hole at ground level and but by weeks end there is usually at least 2 more. They do love to arrange them to their liking and boxes come all the time from Amazon.
What a pretty bunny. I like that she can go out on the veranda and has a place to hide in also.

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