I'm scared to breathe a word of this on the forum

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Dec 16, 2010
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Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
I have kept Meri and Pippin in cages next to each other for a few weeks and have been letting them have free time together. Pippin was very amorous at first, and I hated just watching Meri just put up with it. There was no fighting only humping. But lately that has stopped, and there is grooming and snuggling and playing.

I have started giving them some time in the large nic cage I built for when they were eventually bonded. After about a week of supervised time with nothing but good results (although I do have to feed in two separate spots or Pip will try to hog all the pellets (cuz he is a fatty-foo), and litter box habits have gone to poo.

I am starting to feel comfortable with them moving in together. There hasn't been any fighting or aggression that I have seen. Is there any way to know for sure if it is okay to try them sharing a cage other than what feels right when I observe them.

They really do seem quite happy and there is lots of grooming and snuggling by both parties, I just don't want to push it. But when I put them back in the two smaller cages, they just sit as close to each other as they can get.

It feels right to me. I dunno, how long did you wait to let bonding/wooing rabbits live together?


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May 22, 2012
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It took me just about a month to officially move Agnes and Archie in together. It's hard to give a clear cut answer as to when the right time is. The only guideline I have ever read is that they need to be able to spend 4-5 hours together without one incident. I did basically follow that guideline and things have very smoothly for me.

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