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Oct 12, 2023
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idk what to right here so im just gonna right the story of my bunny life
i am 14 and i had a angora bunny when i was nine all my family fell in love with him he made me want more and leanr more about bunnies so about 2 years ago my mom decided to get another bunny we looked on kijiji and found a lady that was giving 2 netherlands dwarfs a female and a male and they were both babies so my mom messaged her saying we were intrested my mom strated talking more with the lady and found out she had a daugther that was 20 yld, one that was 3 yld and a baby of 10 months and she was pergnant so my mom felt presured to get the bunnies and then the lady told us her 20 yld daughter also wanted to get rid of her bunny so we ende up taking the 3 of them so i had 1 angora 2 netherlands dwarfs and a enlgish spot at first everything was great we all fel in love with them and me bieng me i took over and named all of them expect the angora ( their names r boucane(its french for smoke and hes the angora) suga(the male netherlands dwarf its the name of a bts member that i love) winter (the female netherlands dwarf its the name of a female kpop idol) and mochi (the english spot and his name is the nickname of a bts member)) then we it was getting to much 4 bunnis in my very small house with 5 member family so my dad kicked them out and for the summer the males were living in the old empty chiken coop then the 6 month old netherland dwarf stopped drinking so he died and i was very sad and still am but we move on he was very loved tho but then the 2 other males were living together outside for the rest of the summer until my precious baby boucane becam yellow cuz they were allways humping eachother and peeing anyways then we went on a trip and put the female outside with them so our neightbour could feed and give them whater but she was in a cage but they were loose in the old chicken coop anyways she got pregnant and our neighbours evil son touched the babies and she didnt like him so she eat her babies and i hate him and i want him to die anyways i tried many times to make the angora and the female have babies but it never worked anyways fast foward to yesterday the angora died but he was old it has been 5 years we have him and we had him when he was allready a adult bunny but anyways we loved him and btw we bring them inside for the winter and he died inside and he had a happy life in the forset eating clovers all day and free in the house most of the time

btw sry for all the mistakes im not used to this cumputer
Welcome to the forum.

For any future posts, please be sure to use punctuation. It is very difficult for people to understand what you've written when there are no periods to mark the end of sentences. Paragraphs also help to break up one's thoughts into understandable bits.

I could not make out much of what was written. Could you tell us how many rabbits you have now and perhaps their ages? Photos are nice to see too.
I like story time =)

From what i garther , the first run was 1 ( they had already )

Second grouping was 1 angora 2 netherlands dwarfs ( oh , we need foto s of these kiddos of fun )

One of the dwarfs was nt drinking and unfortunately left us and hopped over the rainbow

Than the angora passed and hopped the rainbow also

So with all that if i am reading that correctly , 2 fur babies left ?

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