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I feel the need to update on my bun situation too!
Storm just recently turned 5 months on 20tieth!
Lumi is 6 months old, don't have his birthday though.
Recently found out our DVM clinic sees a rabbit who is 15 years young.

Our elder girl is getting a course of laser therapy for her spine malady, and laser therapy by the savvy CVT has already made a Huge Improvement in her aptitude and mobility!

Plus she'll reingest her vitamin packlets of cecotropes. Glad to see all the buns who have devoted homes and live to be happy and healthy Seniors!
Hermione is estimated to be around 4 years old but weโ€™re not for sure because I got her off Craigslist from a girl who was also unsure about how old she was but estimated about 4 years old. Skylar is soon going to turn 7 months old in just a couple of days and next week we are getting her spayed! Wish me luck as itโ€™s only my second spay and the first one didnโ€™t go so well :/.
Pancho is a 1 year old.๐Ÿ˜Š
Bambi is 7 years and 3 months
Nugget is 8 years 6 months

I pray they have many more happy years with me. I found pictures of Nugget just after he came to his forever home and its amazing to think all that time has passed but he hasnt matured at all. And Bambi is just as cuddly and affectionate and cute as she was the day our eyes first met.

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