How long should rabbit stay on GI Stasis meds after returning to normal?

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Aug 15, 2019
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Hi, all!

I need your help. So, my rabbit seems to be doing much better *knock on wood* with his stasis. He has been eating and drinking, much more active and playful, and his pooping is just about back to normal..for about the past couple of days or day and a half. My question is this: how long does he need to stay on the GI meds once he returns to a regular state? I actually slightly decreased the dosage and while his poops still are shapely and uniform, I feel as though they slightly decreased in size again. So, I just gave him more and gave him back the regular amount. My vet never really discussed with me when to begin weaning him off, so input from y'all would be great. I have seen where you do not want to just cut them off cold turkey, because they can relapse. I saw where someone said to keep them on it for about a week after full function returns.

What is y'alls experience with this?
Thank you guys!