How do you handle drunk people in public?

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Feb 23, 2020
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It all depends on the drunk person and how they react, those that seem friendly I’ll talk, those that get too much into my space I’ll talk but try to get away. Passing through the train stations you can get in really weird situtations with people following you and so on. Following I often text one of my friends or little brother whoever is in the city and they will come meet me up.

Myself live in a small town outside the city but I often before covid-19 spend time in the city.

Aggressive and a bit sexuall drunks I back away and try to not escalate the situations. I know that you aren’t supposed to be alone when it’s night time but the worse situation myself get to handle drunks is in the day time.

If it’s winter time, I react a bit different if you see someone passed out.

But you truly get in annoying situations and I don’t like how unpredictable it can be with some.

I can jump into my older brother defense classes. I know the weak points to hit and get out if I ever get a person pressing me down or strangle grips. My older brother always messed with me like that, even though I found it really annoying I know he used messing around as to teach me stuff ☺
There are plenty of people on drugs legal or illegal, drunk or have mental health issues. Sometimes dealing with them...keeping yourself safe and keeping an eye on them is a chore.

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