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alexandra the great

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Sep 26, 2022
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Hello all
Bean escaped his pen today while I wasn't in my room and unfortunately ate my older sister's homemade flower crown. It was made of a store bought bouquet of roses and it had been hanging to dry for a week. I'm assuming he's going to be okay.. although it was quite a bit of dried roses. Does anyone suggest something or will he be fine if I go about his normal routine?
Update: it's been over half an hour since the incident and he's run around, eaten lots of hay, and is now flopped next to his litterbox. those are good signs I suppose.
As long as there is no sign "Keep away from children!" acute toxic levels of pesticide residues are quite likely not a problem, many of those substances get dangerous when they accumulate or are ingested regularily, not so much at a single exposure. That he's eating and acting normally are good signs.

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