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Always loved the pic my son uses for his avatar--Mr B in a box on the couch with a hole so small that only he could get into it--we called it his fortress of solitude. Always will remember how he used to lay on the window sill in the afternoon sunning his old bones. Doesn't seem hardly possible that we're at 5 years now since you passed to the bridge my little man. You're still the smallest bunny we ever had living with us but you more than made up for it in the personality department. Loved to watch you climb over playpens and wire fences, just like a little furry spider--had to use a top or you were out and running. I sure do miss you my little man--binky free.
Tomorrow will be 7 years since you passed to the bridge my little man. Doesn't hardly seem like it's been that long and that you've been gone longer now than you were with us. Rest in peace my little guy and binky free, we sure do miss you.

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