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Jul 1, 2007
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
**** it. We just lost another one of our fur babies. Mr. B was a Sealpoint Netherland Dwarf that we rescued from the Tracy animal shelter almost five years ago. The vet at the time thought he was between 4 to 5 years old, so I guess he was around 9. He was 1lb 8oz, but don't let his size fool you--you had to be very careful or else you got bit--he was afraid of nothing and no one. He started showing signs of head tilt, but was responding to medication, so it came as a shock that he passed Friday morning. We are all gonna miss his antics--running in circles in his hutch morning and night at treat time, hiding in a box on the couch in "his fortress of solititude", or sunning himself on the windowsill(he was the only one small enough to do it). We are gonnal miss you Mr. B--say hi for us to cmdr Bun Bun , Nik-Nik, and Commodore Stockton at the bridge my little man, and rest in peace. Larry and Nancy and Dan .



What an absolutely adorable bunny!(looks and personality!) I am sorry you lost him so suddenly but it sounds like he lead an amazing life!

Hop in Peace, Mr.B.make new friends at the Rainbow Bridge!:pink iris::rainbow:
Mr. B was such an adorable guy! It's a shame that he passed away. :(

But it sounds like he had an awesome life with you, and had a long life.

:purplepansy:Binky free Mr. B:purplepansy:

Meet some bunny friends at the bridge. :rainbow:
Hi my little man--miss you a hell of a lot. Specially when you use to hide in your box on the couch in your "fortress of solitude". Saw your picture in the new calendar, and all the memories started flooding back. Hope you have a nice windowsill to lay on and sun your old bones. Bye for now--dad

Dora, my little Brittania Petite, likes to sit on the windowsill too.

I love/hate how seeing a picture can bring back a flood of memories from a pet that is now gone. We have our screensaver set to randomly go through all of our photos, and sometimes there'll be a picture of Sprite that just makes me start crying.
Just wanted to take a quick look at your pictures my little man. Was wondering if we should say "happy birthday" to you also. Don't really know when you were born or how old you really were. That's the problem with rescued bunnies. We do know you were fairly old, though. So, "Happy Birthday" my little man, and we miss seeing you run around putting on a show for everyone. Rest easy little boy
Tempus fugit, memento mori! Doesn't hardly seem possible that it's been two years since you left us my little man. Really hate these kind of anniversaries, I still remember seeing you in the hutch at the animal shelter looking like a little Sultan sitting there on your pillow or seeing you sun your old bones on the window sill. Rest in peace my little man and we miss you a lot.
almost 4 years now, I do miss my lil Guy, never forget the day when he jumped on the couch next to me when I was watching TV on my Day off
Good morning my little man.Doesn't hardly seem possible that it's 4 years since you left us. Still remember the first time I saw you--sitting on your little cat bed all relaxed and stretched out like a little Sultan. Miss you a lot my little boy. Rest in peace and Binky free. Dad.
RIP Mr. B, you will be loved and missed forever.

:pink iris::rainbow::pink iris::rainbow::pink iris::rainbow::pink iris::rainbow::pink iris::rainbow::pink iris::rip::sad::tears2::in tears::cry4::bawl::cry1::bigtears:
My Avatar was the best picture I ever took of my lil guy, he was a lot of work when I took him, but he did show improvement after a year