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Discussion in 'Rabbit Veterinarian List' started by kdubbz117, Apr 6, 2017.

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    monmouth county, New Jersey, USA
    I only ever really brought my rabbits to Oakhurst, where they used to see a Dr. Applegate. I know I was in a bind when he left the facility to teach exotics veterinary medicine down in the south.

    I was scrambling around from any available vet before I was informed of a Dr. McCleery at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital. Her credentials show she excels in avian care, but they get tons of rabbits there. I bring my current three there, and it's the most comfortable I've been with my rabbits to the vet since Dr. Applegate.

    They did also get another exotics vet at Red Bank as well, Dr. Lewis. They're both great, and their veterinary assistants are fantastic as well. They're very thorough, and I trust them all the way through.

    They don't participate in the low cost spay/neuter program that the NJ House Rabbit Society has, and my understanding is that Dr. McCleery wanted them to participate. They do all the spays and neuters for the Monmouth County SPCA rabbits as well.

    Initial visit can be hefty at times, but I know my rabbits are getting the best there. They're truly passionate about their jobs and the animals that they see.

    Just thought I'd share for any fellow NJ rabbit owners within reasonable distance of Red Bank. I was having a tough time finding a place I was comfortable with for my rabbits to go to. I was starting to feel like my options were incredibly limited until I found out they got an exotics vet in there. :]

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