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My wife was helping me out for today's date. It went well, some confrontations but nothing excessive. Seriously, these dates seem to be going a standard way, which isn't bad its just...dull maybe? Again though I shouldn't complain, I do believe I'm seeing incremental improvements in their relationship its just very sloooowww.

And thank you Sweet_Buns for the compliment. They think they are cute too the little stinkers and they use it to get away with eating my air conditioner cord...
Lol Awh I feel for you! I feel like my dates haven't changed either but when I've read other bonding logs you see that it stays the same for x amount of time and then out of the blue on day z everything changes for the better. I think you're doing very well!

It could also be that they maybe have too much space in the kitchen. I just posted on my blog that I switched their date location and it was like 100% improvement :) I was going through so many bonding threads today lol.

Also if I may make a recommendation, if you have spare time, go onto BunSpace and there's a special forum section called Bonding there's a lot of useless threads on there but I'm sure if you surf through like I did this morning, there's a ton of stuff you can even pick up. Never hurts to read and then re-read right :)

Fur Raising! This went bad five minutes into the date. They started jumping and kicking and biting. Water or my voice wasn't breaking then apart so I physically did it and put them in their carriers. Still though I wanted to end it on a pleasant note so I used the carrier time as a punishment for a few minutes and then let them back out again. This time they were both better, or at least they were fighting by trying to out relax eah other, though I think it was legit because either one would either loaf or explore. For several minutes I was petting them and eventually both layed down near each other. I let this blissful moment pass for a time while I was using Conan as a fuzzy pillow and slowly put them back in their carrier. Actually I just opened Conan's and he went back in himself. The aftermath was that there was a lot of fur around, I mean a lot! Mostly Conan's, who's usually the one doing it to Xena so it was a bit of a surprise she went that way. So not a successful date but no injuries and was able to end it peacefully.

Thanks for the usual tips Holtzchick, I've read extensively before on Bunspace, Binky Bunny and Rabbis United (reading how our Euro brethren handle things) and it all helps but I've noticed that there are many formulas that work, just each rabbit is different and each owner is too so it's still a trial for us new bunny bonders. I do intend to shake something up soon, either a new space, a car ride or wearing them down. But I'm not dismayed, I knew I ouldnt do shelter dates so I've always known that it would probably be harder and take a bit longer.
Well geez sorry to hear about this last scuffle. I think it's promising that they seemed calm after they were put in their carriers. You definitely have it right there as far as ending things positive rather than just stopping at the fight. I definitely give you props because rabbit fights scare me. Just your explanation seems intimidating! Before I adopted Archie I had watched so many bonding videos online that freaked me our so much I almost chickened out on adopting arch! So anyway, kudos to handling this well :)

I still stick to my original opinion that these two do NOT have hate for each other at all. They are just stubborn and take time to work things through. You and michelle both have that with your pairs!
Date XXX

Today was a straight brawl. It seems Xena is getting more and more aggressive and I have no idea why. I think they are really trying to establish who's in charge and not wasting time with feeling each other out. Both voice commands and water had little affect, and this time after a varied cool down time I could not get them to calm down. I did try this in a new area, one they share in common runs and so not neutral so maybe that could have been the problem. I'll have to take a break I think and do it in another completely neutral location after a car ride because they are both just too tense. I think though I'll heed my own advice and try one more time tomorrow.

Decided to run one anyway. Kept it short, the animals explored and behaved. I was extra vigilant and let little slip so who knows if they were good because I was on top of things or because they got it out of their system. There was a moment they were yet again nose to nose without me petting or pushing them gently away, Xena snorted and they broke off. So that was a positive. So I'll run one more tomorrow and if it goes smoothly then I'll keep going as standard until next weekend when I can give a car ride and a new neutral territory to see what's what. If not then I truly will take a break and maybe in a week or two try it all over again.

In personal news I took off from work today. I figured let my recovering knee heal a little more, plus NYC metro messed up my transportation again so it would have been tougher and a bit more pricier to get in tonight so I figured just take the night off. Its also why I did another date...I had the time so why not.

My wife was helping me out for today's date. It went well, some confrontations but nothing excessive. Seriously, these dates seem to be going a standard way, which isn't bad its just...dull maybe? Again though I shouldn't complain, I do believe I'm seeing incremental improvements in their relationship its just very sloooowww.

And thank you Sweet_Buns for the compliment. They think they are cute too the little stinkers and they use it to get away with eating my air conditioner cord...

Haha i feel your pain. I went through 6 pairs of gaming head sets before i finally decided that unless i wanted to end up spending over a thousand dollars on head sets before the end of the year, i should switch to cordless. >.<

Under heavy supervision the date went okay. You could tell both buns were spoiling for a confrontation, especially Conan, but we never allowed it. I just don't get it, they show all the signs of being okay around each other. They eat near each other, groom themselves, loaf around, explore comfortably and even most times their body language seems good, but still they are constantly head to head. I've changed neutral ground, switched cages, rearranged the date grounds etc.. I'm not complaining, just mystified is all. This Friday I plan to do a car ride and a completely new place to shake things up since anything new is near exhausted at my apartment.

Roman numerals seemed like such a fun idea when I started this...Anyways, the date went well. Only two real flash points, one where Xena front paw stomped on Conan's head, and the other when Conan nipped Xena on the side. Otherwise they rested, ate, and explored. I think Im back to standard again. Can't wait until the weekend when I can throw a curve ball to the process to shake things up, hopefully for the better.
I do feel for you, it´s a long process but there´s more positive than negative so it´s moving in the right direction. I love reading the updates ;)

More of the same today. Every other day it seems one rabbit is more aggressive the the other. Yesterday it was Conan, today Xena. There was a brief scuffle which my wife ably broke up. Guess I'm just logging in date time until I shake things up or a hreakthrough occurs.
You know I've been so focused on talking bonding I forget to mention the great things about having these rabbits in my life. For instance doing these dates as helped me bond with my rabbits even better since we're spending confined time together. Conan enjoys relaxing around me, to the point where sometime I lay my head on him as a pillow (I never put my full weight since my head is so big :) ). Xena is definitely turning slowly into a lap bunny, likes climbing over us and hopping in and off will-nilly, occasionally even resting. The oddest thing though, she's developed this thing where she likes nipping the tips of my wife's toes. No idea why.

And handling, boy have I become an expert at it. I can pretty much lift these guys at will, well that is when I catch them. I can even get them to sit still so I can take care if some grooming needs. Oh sure they don't like it, but they tolerate it and Im sure they feel my confidence with it so don't fight me as much. Even if bonding them fails, which I doubt, I have learned a lot about them and taking care of them in the process so I have no regrets.

This mornings date was nice. They spent nearly the whole time head to head in who'll groom first but at least no fight broke out. Could be because I was right there and soothing them, but I did let them decide a few times and each on chose to break off at one point and start again a few moments later. So I think we've recovered from the deficit we set back during those bad dates but we'll see with time. It was nice, we had music going and even the birds were at the date munching on greens and exploring rabbits. I think I'll start rating these dates for my reference.


Tonight's date went very smooth and relaxing. A brief confrontation at the beginning but both of them broke off with nothing happening. The rest of the time was spent literally relaxing and they ate their vegetables. My wife started playing music, Dark Wave and Trance, and I think it might be having a positive effect. Also she said at one point she hear Conan tooth purring. I could have sworn I heard it too, so maybe it is going better.

Now I'm not positive, but I think Xena may be the dominant bun and Conan just isn't agreeing just yet. Xena has the most aggressive reactions. If she's eating from the plate he shies away from it until she's done. Now those are my only two signs and a feeling, Conan is still the one to nip and pull fur most often (though not the biggest chunks) and he's the one who is the first to relax and the last one to break off from a staredown so I could be fooling myself. Even if I knew who'd be top bun it doesn't help me figure out how to get there faster.

Ups and downs but you´re keeping at it which is great. That is so good that it´s help you improve your bond with them, mine aren´t lap bunnies so it´s so nice that they will sit with you and do that.

it does sound mostly positive and maybe Xena wants to be top bun and maybe Conan will realise it´s easier to let her be even if she isn´t....does that make sense ???

This morning went swimmingly. Both did the head to head again but voice commands registered or they just broke it off on their own. Lately Conan has seemed really timid, almost cowed, but I don't quite buy it since I found Xena's fur tufts at the borders of the cages, so they seem to be taking at least some of their grudges through the night. The actual dates though was a calm and family affair. Me, the wife, the buns, the birds, all we we're missing was our fish Haiku. So no breakthroughs but it is a marathon and we've hit a restful stretch. If there was a negative, it was that when I put them in their carriers for a short time so I can clean their cages Xena decided to show her displeasure and pee in it again. Oh well.

Thanks for the positive thoughts guys, its nice having an ear to share this with and offer advice.

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Well, this date was real good. Now I'm reconsidering driving them to my moms house tomorrow...See the date was going fine, the bunnies doing their thing. Xena was hopping around, eating greens from the plate and laying about occasionally. Conan did a little try at an escape attempt, got bored and went to a corner and lay down himself. Where it got interesting is right about when I was going to put the buns away.

Conan is laying with his head towards the wall, and for no reason Xena decided to come up from behind him, smell his tail then gently nip his heel. He didn't react badly, simply got up, turned around and laid back down. Then Xena herself laid down near him, at first not close but then she moved up. They did the groom me confrontation but what's unique this time neither of them had a sphinx stance, they were both pretty meatloafed out. Conan was stretching out his neck to the side a bit since they were perpendicular but he wasn't as tense as he usually is. Neither was she. She was so comfortable she was licking her paws right in front of his face while flat on her stomach. Come to think of it, he's done that type of thing too. It all ended when she decided to get up and really groom herself, and since this date had gone over by 15 minutes because I decided to see where this was going I finally gave them their treat and put then away for the night.

Now I've got a dilemma. Tomorrows my free time opportunity to go take the buns on a drive to new neutral territory. Do I stress them and do this hoping for a benifit, or do I leave well enough alone? I'm just struggling with the idea since its usually after a good string of dates the rabbits decide to have a fight, and if they fight I'll have to wait until next week for the opportunity to go to my moms house.

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Not so smooth today. Conan seemed rougher in attitude, and Xena was nipping him while he was relaxing. I wouldn't say it was a bad date, just not as chill as the last few. I elected not to go take the drive, I'm kind of regretting it now but I guess I'll do it Sunday then.

Conan did worry us though when he pooped out a mess of, no cecals but mushy formed pills. He's eating well, drinking well and his litter box looks good so Im not surfy if I should worry, but I should definitely be wary. We even checked his guy with my wife's stethoscope and she didn't get anything conclusive either way.

Also I forgot to mention at what happened during bonding. I was sitting very low and Xena decides to climb up me to my shoulder and sat there for about 20 seconds. My wife wanted to take a picture but had no time (we got to get into the habit of keeping our phones on us) but I felt like the strangest pirate of all time.
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