Can an x-ray miss a blockage?

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Mar 30, 2018
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Hi, I'm hoping someone can tell me I'm just winding myself up :(
My Lionhead Eevee didn't want any pellets this morning so after a couple of hours of gas drops/massages I managed to get her an appointment.
The only vet that had one available the same day is one that I'm not fond of as my lop died after they mistook bloat for stasis and didn't think it necessary to do an x-ray.

This time I had a different person and I insisted on an x-ray and she said no blockage came up on it, told me it's stasis and gave me emeprid and critical care. She also said her blood sugar is great, but I don't know really what that means in terms of stasis.
It's been 7 hours since I got her home and she's not really eating anything of her own accord except for a tiny bit of hay. I'm worried because she's had stasis before, but I was able to turn it around the same day and have her back to normal by the evening and she isn't really responding to the medication. As far as I can tell her tummy isn't any bigger and she's still hopping around to get away from me as she's very annoyed with me right now, but the only pooping she's doing is maybe one when I give her a massage. I'm worried there is some kind of blockage they couldn't see on an x-ray but I don't know enough about them to know whether that's a stupid worry. It's now been 12 hours since I got up and noticed something wrong and she's about the same- not any worse but not any better.