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This is one of those anniversaries that I really abhor. Tomorrow will be a year since our Lilly passed to the bridge. Doesn't hardly seem possible that you've been gone from us that long my little one. I guess it was just your time to leave as we know you sure weren't a youngster anymore. Just like Ted, we don't know how old you really were. We still miss you and think of you every day and soon, we will have a bunny that looks a lot like you and we named her Lilli. Rest in peace my little one and binky free.
Hi there, just reading your posts, made me tear. I am such an emotional person when it comes to loosing my beloved pets… went thru with Arthur my Labrador in 2003 n then Pretzel our mouse in 2019… but remember the beautiful memories are deeply treasured and yes, time heals all broken hearts. It is not easy when it is just a few years young though.

Your Lily is soo adorable, amazing really how much pets can touch our hearts in such special ways and how their memories will live on and bring the sunshine to us when we are in low moods.

She had a long and lovely life with you. Lily had a blessed life for sure! 😌 🤎😌
Some bunnies burrow into your heart, and this bunny did that to you.
Do you have any photos of bunny out in your room?

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