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I am sorry about your rabbit:tears2:javascript:emoticon(':tears2:',%20'images/emoticons/tears2.gif'):sad:javascript:emoticon(':sad:',%20'images/emoticons/crywalking.gif')

She lived to be a good age, was she a californian? my rabbit is a californian and he is almost 9 pounds
Nancy McClelland wrote:
This is one of those anniversaries that I really abhor. Tomorrow will be a year since our Lilly passed to the bridge. Doesn't hardly seem possible that you've been gone from us that long my little one. I guess it was just your time to leave as we know you sure weren't a youngster anymore. Just like Ted, we don't know how old you really were. We still miss you and think of you every day and soon, we will have a bunny that looks a lot like you and we named her Lilli. Rest in peace my little one and binky free.

I tend to avoid the RB section....but I saw the title and had to look. I'm sorry you lost your Lilly, but I hope the new Lilly will be just what you wanted again. They really do look so much a like and it is funny how they weigh about the same, too! I can really see why you guys want the new Lilly so much :hug:.
Nancy McClelland wrote:
Hi my big girl, it doesn't seem like it's been three years since we had to say goodbye. Love you and miss you.

My heartfelt condolences for your loss of Lily. What a beautiful girl she was. I know it's been 3 years, but with what you post, it seems like yesterday to you. Some do just touch your heart and leave their mark. Hope those thoughts today turn from sadness to smiles. Maybe this will help.

What was the one antic that Lily did that just made you smile?

Example: Willard has this way of when he looks at you, he will slightly cock his head like he's saying "I see you got something to say, speak up". It's that move that won my husband's heart.

Hoping only good thoughts this 3rd Anniversary. She was a lucky bunny to be missed this much.

K :)
I do miss Lilly, she was a very sweet and friendly girl, I do miss having her and Molly together when we still lived in California, she would lay on my back while I was sleeping on the couch
Where does the time go? Tomorrow will be five years since we had to say our final goodbye to one very sweet bunny, Lilly. Still do miss you so much my big girl. Molly, your bonded partner who is the oldest rabbit I've ever heard of (she's over 15) will be with you soon as she's not doing so well either. Seems like yesterday that you were delivered to us and you two were so funny, always jockying for position on the mushroom chair. Miss you sweetie.
Lilly sounded like such a lovely bun.

I'm sure you're still binkying up a storm on the bridge, Lilly. :pray:

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