bunny screamed:( (RIP)

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Baby buns are such delicate little creatures. If you are considering another rabbit in your future, I'd recommend getting one that is over 6 or 7 months of age. By then they aren't quite so delicate, plus that is the ideal time to bond with them. Unlike other critters, rabbits train best and bond best once they are past that age.

Rabbit rescues (different than regular animal shelters) have rabbits around that age that are already fixed (saving you vet costs). At a rescue, you can meet individual rabbits and see which one you are drawn to (and which one seems to like you too). Even a rabbit a few years old is suitable. They can live 10 years or more.
thank you for the advice, when im ready to get a new bunny i will definitely consider this !!
i wanna get another one at some point but just not right now,,, i dont have a dog but i have budgies and theyre very good at understanding emotions as well and even though theyre cranky little babies theyve been more affectionate with me and its very sweet :') couldnt get through this without them honestly.. and i am so sorry for your loss, and your dog sounds like the sweetest angel ever❤️
I am so glad you have a way to get through this. It is very tough, especially when you expected to have them for more than that. (in my case I had him for 6 months, just the right amount of time to create a outstanding bond with him) I understand why you do not want to get another bunny. Maybe wait a year and then get another one. It really helped me although if I had gotten another one within 6 months of losing him, it would hurt more than anything.

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