Bunny covered in pee post-neutering

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Dec 19, 2018
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pittsburgh, PA
Hi guys, I could really use some advice. My 7 month old boy got neutered today and apparently afterwards sat in his carrier for a few hours (there was a communication mishap where they did not phone to tell he was ready for pickup). So he sat in his own pee for awhile and his bottom and feet and belly are quite wet.

Upon arriving home back in his pen, he immediately starts grooming himself and has been at it for a few hours with breaks for food and water. I am worried that either he will get an infection at the surgery site from sitting in his pee, or that he will get cold from the damp fur. Should I attempt to rinse him off and if so how to do it in the least stressful way? But will he be too cold in which case how do I dry him??

I would ask my vet but they are closed now .. My poor baby has had quite a day..


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Sep 10, 2012
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Utah, , USA
I would use a damp cloth to clean the bare skin around the incision sites, possibly even putting a light layer of triple antibiotic ointment(not with added pain reliever) right on the incisions if I felt they had gotten urine in them and if I could keep my bun from grooming the ointment off for at least half an hour. It's especially important that bun doesn't overgroom the area and chew the incisions open.

I don't think I would want to stress my bun with a gentle warm butt bath, unless I knew I could do it without getting the incisions wet and I knew my bun would tolerate it calmly without struggling or freaking out. Otherwise I would just use a towel to damp dry the fur, then if it wouldn't freak my bun out I would use a hair drier on low heat and gently dry the fur as much as possible. If that would stress the bun too much then I would just towel dry as much as possible and make sure my bun stayed warm until the fur was completely dry. Keep in mind that post anesthesia they already tend to get a little hypothermic, so a wet rabbit will be even more at risk. It's important to make sure your bun is able to stay warm(not hot) even if you have to use a rabbit safe warm pack of some sort.

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