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  1. L

    Cheap, reliable vacuum?

    Hello all, I am a college student and a new foster bunny mom. I am looking for a cheap, reliable vacuum (aka not dyson..) I want to spend less than $50 or so. I'd prefer a handheld vacuum. Feel free to let me know what type of vacuum you use, even if it is over my budget. Thanks!
  2. JVL

    Tiny Bath for Buns

    Should I run a tepid bath with like 1/2 inch of water to let the rabbits wash their feet and undercarriage? I don't bathe them but I wondered if there was a benefit to doing something small like that.
  3. Tealitte

    Netherland Hiding

    Hey all, this is my first post on here because I’m a little concerned and not sure if this is normal. Background info: My one girl, Serena, I’ve raised since birth. Shes approximately 4 years old. Netherland dwarf, approximately 5-6lbs. Anyway, I cleaned her scent glands about two nights ago...
  4. lilsw

    How do I get pee off my bunny?

    Hey! This is my first post here, hope this is the right discussion :) So one of my bunnies, Luise, has been peeing on the other, Charlie, a lot. Like, all over her. She sometimes jumps over Charlie and leaves a trail of pee on her coat. It's disgusting and cleaning it up with a washcloth hasn't...
  5. ashdebash

    Help!! Poopy Butt....

    Hi Friends! I have a two-year old, lion-head rabbit named Buster! He is the most well behaved rabbit. I got him when he was about 6 months old or so. Now being a little over two years old, we are running into a bit of a problem that I have been dealing with for a good amount of time now. Buster...
  6. lola the lionhead

    How to Deal With Mess?

    hi! i recently got 2 new bunnies after my last bunny passed away. they live in a large cage attached to an exercise pen so they always have room to run and play, but they always make a LOT of mess? i don’t mind inside the enclosure as i clean every day anyway, but they’ve got into a habit of...
  7. Rosy

    dirty bunny

    my rabbit lives outside and recently he has managed to get himself really dirty. notice the yellow spots on him. is that pee? I took these pics when he is flopped out so you can see. How do I clean him up?
  8. T

    Cat Litter in Litter Box?

    Hello everyone! I have an idea and wanted to run it by others who are well versed in rabbits. I have three rabbits; two angoras and a french lop. All three are litter trained and for my litter boxes I use several large "under-the-bed" storage containers. There is a shallow layer of horse...
  9. M

    Help ! Cleaning my baby rabbit

    Hi everyone I really need some urgent advice. I recently got a mini lop and his paws are white. He hates being held. I read online about how to clean his paws so I applied little vinegar and cornstartch while my husband held him. He kept struggling a bit while i was cleaning and then he was...
  10. allyxoxo

    Baby rabbits

    My doe had babies and we have four now because unfortunately the others passed away. Since the mama became ill from how much the babies nurses on her, I have to syringe feed two of them. The two I don’t have to syringe feed are very big and will eat pellets and hay, and drink water on their own...
  11. foguinny

    Bunny covered in pee post-neutering

    Hi guys, I could really use some advice. My 7 month old boy got neutered today and apparently afterwards sat in his carrier for a few hours (there was a communication mishap where they did not phone to tell he was ready for pickup). So he sat in his own pee for awhile and his bottom and feet and...
  12. Tinto

    When and how to vacuum?

    Hello everyone. I have been wondering how do you guys solve the problem with vacuum cleaning. I looked for it here, but most posts deal with vacuum cleaning the fur of the rabbit because of mites or whatever. I have an issue with vacuum cleaning my room, that is also where the bunny stays...
  13. Mz_Mala

    Dirty bunny... Need advice!

    I have 2 buns, 1 male mini lop (2.5 years old) named Oreo and 1 English spot (< 1 year) named Zelda. Both belong to my son, who has gone off to college this fall, and so I'm now their primary caregiver. Zelda has no problems, but Oreo has a special bond with my son and hasn't been the same since...
  14. lola the lionhead

    Rabbit not cleaning herself?

    ive had my bunny lola for around 6 months, she’s two years old now. when i first got her she kept clean all the time and peed/pooped in a corner of her cage. lately she’s not been cleaning her bum. she cleans her face and body when she is out of her cage (we let her out around 6 hours a day)...