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Feb 8, 2021
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hi :3
im minnie xD
i like to annoy my hooman and eat poop
who wants to chat?
I’m patches and I sleep allllll day long, except when I’m training. I eat anything I can get my paws on, even if it sometimes Madelyn’s food... she is not happy when I take a nibble of her chip... I also love to play in her clothes, nibbling holes in them😂
haha awesome when addi is doing schoolwork i like to rip open bags like my hay food and treats haha
I also like scratching everything up so there is more cleaning for Janelle to do because then she can’t go anywhere;)
Hi! I'm Jingle bell! I love blueberries and grapes! My hooman wants to start harness training me in the summer, whatever that means. She said if I do good, I'll get lots of treats! I also like to throw poop at my hooman's face! Heehee
I'm Tu Shen. When mommy is working, I like to be under her feet, making it difficult to do work comfortably, then wake mommy and daddy up in the middle of the night by racing around the room and playing with my toys. Mommy also gets annoyed if I run away while she tries to brush me.
Hi... My name is Bunbun I live outside I do lots of zoomies and binkys. I am going to the vet soon and I don't want to. I wish my owner would not take me...... They clip my nails! it dose not feel good when they do that.
My name is Xiao Wu. I have mommy and daddy wrapped around my little paw. Even though I destroy the cardboard "door" between my side and little brother's side of the room, all I have to do is flop or look up at them and they melt. I'm the best bunny in the world.
Hi my name is Raven

This is a pic of me... And im not the one in the profile foto... Thats my best friend Coco... Who recently passed away :( and I like Getting in the way of fotos of my friends cause I know Im way prettier


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Hello fellow pretty bunny. My name is Xiao Wu. I'm sorry for your loss of your friend. Stay pretty and binky like no tomorrow.
🤫 Just between you and me, I binky higher than little brother, Shen, does.
Hey guys! I’m Echo! I have 3 other bun sibs… Zola (in my mom’s profile with me), Romeo and Gemini. But Mom says I’m the naughtiest. I don’t know why? I’ve only ever ate her trim, books, laundry basket, furniture, carpet, blankets, clothes…… but, don’t tell the others… I think I’m her favorite ;)
Hi Echo! I'm Nova!
I am the only bun in my house which means i get ALL the treats and affection. I was bought of kijiji on November 21 2020. My Birthday is September 20 2020. I give all my family kisses except my Brother, he is to rough. Anyways my family is going skating now so i have to go in my cage (Otherwise i'm free roamed) :( but that means i get treats!

-Love from Nova

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