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I saw Guildford Animal Hospital on here and would just like to give a shoutout to Dr. Hurdal who is extremely careful, nice and quite rabbit savvy! He took an extremely long time with Joe and was quite sad to hear he had passed. He puts an incredible amount of effort into all of the animals he see's and the staff are nice. We go to him with all our animals :)

I also have experience with Dr. Prus, she was our doctor for a while and she took good care of Joe as well but since Joey had to be brought back and forth to the vets continuously G.A.H is much closer, but shes very nice and takes her time (I used to ride with her daughters :] ). Also, I haven't had any personal rabbit experience with Thunderbird Animal Hospital (in Langley) but the vets took very good care of Cooper when he was injured and so we were pleased with their service, but not sure how rabbit savvy the vets are.
Dr. Jeffrey Berkshire is the current exotic animal specialist at Care Pet Wellness which has 5 locations in the Greater Vancouver area. I don't think he works at all 5 locations but I know he does clinic hours one day a week at the Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital. I had Pepin in to see him recently for a general wellness check and because one of my cats brought in fleas this year (oy - no more 5 minute walks in the backyard for you my darling!!). He was thorough, explained everything as we went along, asked to do a blood panal as Pep is pushing 9 years old now, and took the time to explain the various treatment options for fleas and rabbits - particularly medications. (yep, she has them, we saw one - ew!) I think if I ever encountered something really challenging with Pepin I'd make the trek out to Dr. Upjohn, but for routine stuff, I found Dr. Berkshire to be very competent. And, I saw him in the photos on the VRRA website at the recent Rabbit Festival - he told me he LOVED the event and really enjoyed being able to spend the day doing health checks on bunnies!
After moving up here, I was anxious about finding an excellent vet for mybunnies. I hadthe best bunny vet, Dr Martinez in Richmond and was sad to leave him. I found out there is a lady here that has over 200 rescued bunnies, Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuaryand called her. She highly recommended Dr Linda Kaplan at Trilake Animal Hospital in Winfield. She is now our vet and I am very happy with her.
I can't say enough good things about Dr Maarhuis at Cottonwood Clinic in Chilliwack. (Sardis side)

He wasn't primarily a rabbit vet when I found him years ago, BUT he's open minded, always learning and does his research. He's one of the two males Scout would let near her. She jumped to his shoulder more than once to bury her face in his neck.

Sage also adored him. I guarantee my next bun will be going there too!
I'd like to make a comment about Dr. Anderson.

Took my bunny to see him on Thursday about her severe urine scalding on her legs. He said she was incredibly malnourished and emaciated, and sold me some critical care for her. He made no attempt to clean or bandage her legs, they are eroded almost down to bone from the urine scalding. He said it was a very common problem but regardless I went in there thinking that he would at least put antibiotic on her legs and wrap them to protect her from infection...

The entire experience seemed a little unfriendly, the nurses were very nice but they wanted credit card payments after every little step.

He charged me $56 dollars for a pouch of critical care and 3 pills. $179 for x-rays. And $80 for the initial visit.

He instructed for me to give her 1/20 of a pill... Which is incredibly ridiculous. Have you ever tried to crush up a tiny pill into 20 pieces? I think that he should at least have a correct dosage or a liquid formula or SOMETHING.

Anyway, not a good experience. I am happy the people on this forum are willing to help, I have no more money to take Mimi to the vet (especially not his) to have her legs taken care of as he neglected to do.
I would like to recomend;

Dr Patricia Briggs
Austin Animal Hospital
Crestview Plaza
1001 C Austin Avenue
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3K 3N9
Ph 604-931-7525

Shes great with the buns, knows her bunny stuff, and did an amazing job on the spay/neuter for my guys at a fairly young age (my decision). Prices are average on the market, not expensive, shes got all her bunny doses, takes the time to ask lots of questions, and keep bunny comfortable at the same time.

Comments on some other vets;
Dr Walton - great guy, average prices, but seems to be more of the reptile man.
Dr Prus - Shes great, definatly another exotic lover, but I think she's starting to show her age and is wearing herself out a bit.
Dr Upjohn - You couldn't pay me enough to take ANY of my animals to him or any of the other Dr's at Eagle Ridge. Numerous dealings with this clinic both with my own animals (sadly) and animals from a pet store. Didn't seem to give 2 hoots about the animal itself, and would rather just perscribe something so he can make a few extra bucks. Heck on one of the pet store dogs that broke its radius, they first showed us an x-ray of a dog that broke its radius/ulna, said that was him, then proceded to show us an x-ray of a dog that broke just its radius. 2 different films in 5 minuites, totally different, but were appearently the same dog? Ended up with a bun at the store that had a weepy eye, and were leaving the clinic with oral pills, eye ointment, injection of something... for a weepy eye.... I could go on forever with all the mistakes made by this clinic but I will cut it off here since he seems loved by a lot of people here.
So this is the second vet ive ever been to.. (last one i went to was for my guinea pig. the guy was nice enough but i feel like he didnt really have that much knowledge on guineapigs/small my guinea pig died just a few days after i spent $178 :( )

It's called Little Paws Animal Clinic in Steveston (holistic). There is just one vet who works there, and he specializes in rabbits. Apparently he's been caring for them since he was a little kid.

Anyways i brought my baby feral rabbit there, he was nice to my rabbit, they did a fecal test for parasites right there in like, 10 minutes or less (dunno if they do that in most vet offices?)and he offered great advice on feeding my little guy. Saved me tons of money by showing me how to just grow grass and not spend money on pellets.

So just thought i'd post about it here incase anyone needs a vet recommendation.
I give a high recommendation to Dr. Dilbag Rana of Apex Animal Hospital in Langley. He also does overnights at Abbotsford's animal emergency clinic.
He is one of Rabbitat's (bunny rescue out of Richmond) main vets and does many spays and neuter for them.
He is fabulous with my timid buns.
Apex Animal Hospital
1 604-514-1444
19909 64 Ave #102, Langley City, BC V2Y 1G9
Abbotsford Valley Animal Emergency Clinic (after hours)
1 604-850-0911
2388 McCallum Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 3P4
To Update the list :
Dr. Bruce Renooy
Van Isle Vet Hospital
211-130 Centennial Drive
Courtney, BC
Phone: 334-8400 They NO longer take Rabbits and haven't for at least 3 years now.

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