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May 29, 2018
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Montreal, QC, Canada
Hi All,

We have a female Holland Lop X Mini Rex who is unspayed (she can't be spayed her pre-spay blood work indicated she wouldn't tolerate anesthesia) and a neutered Holland Lop male.

We've had about 10 sessions so far both in neutral territory and just in the living room where both buns have been plenty of times.

Regardless of location or stress factors (bathtub, car, etc) Our female LOVES our male so much she will bounce over to him and just lick and groom him to no end. He, on the other hand, tolerates being groomed, I don't know if he actually likes it, and if she stops for any reason he bites her. And to rub salt in the would he'll then hop over to me and groom me and you can tell she's just so confused and sad as she comes over and will stick her head under his hoping to be groomed only to get bitten again and then will come and cuddle under my hand or arm. I've tried the banana trick but no luck, he just ignores her. I've also fed greens together etc. And I pet them at the same time as well. As long as he's being pet or groomed he's fine, but if that stops he starts to bite.

We have had no chasing and no mounting at all by either bunny. Which is strange as well.

After having them out for a few hours they kind of calm down and she'll flop and just hang out, he won't flop or loaf, he just kind of sits there, and occasionally runs up to her to bite her.

Has anyone experienced something like this before? I feel like one of them just need to mount the other to show they are dominant to get past this...

Thanks in advance!

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