Bluebell’s spaying day

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Mar 5, 2023
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Hi everyone.
I’ve just dropped my beautiful girl at the vet for her operation.
I have been anxious as heck about this as I know rabbits can die when subjected to high stress and anaesthetics.
I would love any advice you can give regarding post op care and things to look out for.
I’m anxiously awaiting her return this afternoon.
Thanks in advance
Another pic of my girl.
Thank you both for the support.
She miraculously turned into a boy bunny at surgery time!!!
It was a bit of a surprise at first to say the least, but he has now recovered beautifully and his paranoid mum has also made a full recovery.
Our vet is excellent, but it’s difficult to let someone else have responsibility for his welfare, especially for a surgical procedure and anaesthetic.
He’s eating, drinking and doing his usual bunny things, so great result.
Glad Bluebell is doing ok. Our boy bunny had an undescended testicle it turned out. But we knew he was a boy. Am surprised Bluebell was a boy.