Bladder sludge? How to monitor litter box..

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Haru the Lionhead

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Sep 9, 2020
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Middle east
Hello guys, a few months ago I used to use pee pads for the litter box and change it 2/3 times a day, it was exhausting but I could clearly see her pee and poops and would know if she’s okay or not. Now we use cats best universal, it’s plants fiber pellets, and it’s the only thing I could find in my area, I change it every five days, i was wondering how you guys monitor the pee especially with litter trained rabbits.. she only pees inside the litter box so i can never see it, how would I know if she got bladder sludge or if there’s blood or something? today i was cleaning it, and i saw something dry sticking to the litter box, I can’t really see it clearly, I don’t know if it’s sludge or if it’s from the fiber pellets..
This is the litter box with the pellets
This is the pellets after five days
And this is the thing i saw, i put a tissue behind it so it can be seen a bit better


Jenny - Health & Wellness Mod
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Sep 10, 2012
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If your rabbit had sludge, there would most likely be a whitish or beige, creamy, sticky, pasty, or gritty residue on top of the litter or hay where your rabbit peed and the rest of the urine soaked down in.

If you ever want to check your rabbits urine, with a fresh litter box before putting in the new bedding/litter, put down a whitish cloth, sheets of newspaper or other whitish paper, or the pee pads you used to use, to line the bottom of the clean litter box without bedding/litter in it. And when your rabbit urinates on the paper or cloth, you can check the color, for spots of blood, or for thickened sludgy residue.

Usually if a rabbit does have bladder sludge, eventually you will start to see other signs like spots of urine being dribbled around outside the litter box or a urine soaked bum.