Best cranberry tablets for bunnies?

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Nov 9, 2018
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Central Coast CA
Am trying to get tablets for Dutchess to prevent any more urinary problems. Have read about Oxbox and Sherwood tablets. Am hoping to dissolve them in her bottle and dush to get her to drink more water. There is also cranberry powder available. Does anyone have experience giving these? She likes cranberry drink but it has sugar in it.
Please dont add anything like that to your rabbits water unless you give her another BOWL with nothing but plain water.
Cranberry is typically super bitter so she may not like the tablets or powder.
Further to that, ditch the bottle and get a bowl. Bowls ensure they can drink far more water with ease and more water consumption is so important for urinary health.
She has a plain water bowl but wont drink water either from her bowl or her bottle. Am trying to add something to her water so she will drink it.
My vet always recommends a splash of pineapple juice to encourage drinking, might be worth a go? Only a little splash though 👍
My opinion on inticing drinking with flavour is: Nope.

IMHO it actually messes up the feeling of thirst, it's pretty obvious in humans too. All those sugary or otherwise flavoured sodas are a way to make money by creating an addiction, not a way to effectly still actual thirst.
Separate from the water issue, if I were to try a cranberry tablet for rabbit urinary issues , I like the ingredients and reviews from the sherwood tablets best.

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