Bales of hay - home delivery! GTA/SW Ontario

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    Today I found an ad on Kijiji advertising farm fresh bales of hay, home delivered.I placed an order for a bale of Timothy on their website. To my surprise I got a call 2 hours later - the delivery guy was in my area and had a spare bale on the truck, would I like it? He brought it to my door, in a heavy clear plastic bag. He also gave me a sheet with instructions on storing the hay so it cures properly, lasts longer and stays fresher. It was harvested this year and it smells a lot nicer than the pet store stuff!

    They stock different kinds of hay, like grass hay and alfalfa as well as a timothy/alfalfa blend. They sell half bales if you're short of space. You can also get straw bales. They sell huge bags of pine shavings if you can use them (I don't use pine for my small pets).

    All products can be ordered and paid for at: or 519-443-0036

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