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Apr 12, 2019
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Hi, I got my female albino bunny, Rubie, 11 months ago and she is still very antisocial with me and she keeps me up all night digging and thumping

I was wondering if getting another bunny for her might help?

Can you tell a little more about your setup, where she lives (cage/pen/free roaming), etc?
Is she spayed? It's not that spaying solves all problems, but it helps alot. Hormones can hijack most of their little brains at times, making them less of what most desire pets should be. (Had an intact doe as indoor rabbit once, in 8 months she pretty much destroyed my apartment, happy outdoor bunny now)

So far that behaviour sounds like a quite normal, average rabbit. That "antisocial", can you explain that? Rabbits are quite different compared to other pets, regarding their social behaviour. Some are cuddly (imho rather rare), many accept petting in the right context, others never like to be touched (one of my does, 5yo, still turns and hopps away when I touch her, although she isn't skittish).
Do you train her to do things, like coming when called, treats work wonder sometimes.

Getting another rabbit, well, that depends, some more details on how you keep her and what resources you have to make adaptions would help to give you an opinion. From the little you wrote I would guess that it's not the solution to your problems.

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