A Guide to Herbal Remedies: For Breeding Does

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Happy Hollands

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Jan 13, 2020
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Seattle, Washington
Very interesting list of herbal remedies I hope to use in the future! All credit to OLD GARDEN HOUSE RABBITRY. Simply sharing it to help others!

Before Mating:
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Increases receptivity
PARSLEY: Increases receptivity
BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Increases receptivity & Condition

Pregnancy | Pre-Birth:
BLACKBERRY: Soothing & Helps cool pregnant does
COMFREY: Good vitamin A source for pregnant & nursing does
LAVENDER: Induces Labour & Relaxes nervous Moms-to-be
BLUE COHOSH: Dialate birth canal, Induce labour
RASPBERRY LEAVES: Prenatal supplement for strong birth
STRAWBERRY LEAVES: Prevents miscarriage (Iron rich)

BORAGE: Increases Milk Flow
DANDELION: Increases Milk Flow
GOATS RUE: Increases Milk Flow
FENNEL: Increases Milk Flow
MILK THISTLE: Increase Milk Flow
NETTLES: : Increase Milk Flow
LAVENDER: Can Expel placental material

Weaning (Drying up milk)
MINT: drying up milk flow

Who can think of any more herbal remedies to add to this list? I personally use KALE pre-labor to help build up strong contractions.

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